Women fill so many roles in daily life, it’s easy to forget what makes us uniquely beautiful. It’s easy to become disconnected from our Creatures.


What is a Creature, you ask?

Your Creature is the highest expression of your sacred self.

She is the embodiment of your passion, the manifestation of divine feminine energy in you.


So I ask you this:

How are we reclaiming our power?

How do we reignite the fire that keeps our creativity burning?

How can we balance self - love as we embrace vulnerability as strength?


These questions have led me to create this offering.

A Creature Experience isn't just a glamour shoot, nor is it a standard portrait session. It's an opportunity for your Creature to feel safe being seen.

Your Experience is collaboratively designed for you - with the option to share your photos if you choose.

The main purpose of a Creature Experience is to serve as a reminder of how powerful you are.


Creature Gallery

“At the beginning of our Creature Session I felt very tense and stiff, like I was “on display,” awkwardly posing my body this way and that. Augusta helped me redirect my energy to Nature, to the ferns and trees and sweet scented soil.

I was able to find that quiet place within me that melts with the song of the Earth, knowing all the while that this might someday inspire other humans to love themselves in their own natural state of beauty.

When Augusta and I co-created a safe container within the sanctity of Nature, I saw what beauty is possible when our wild essence and technology meet in a graceful dance.


is your creature ready to play?

Does she feel the most beautiful prancing through the forest?

Playing in the surf at the beach?

Dancing in the rain?

Does she wear glitter and gold?

Or nothing at all?

You decide..... 🌸