Brand visibility is an offering for anyone who is ready to be seen by their ideal clientele, audience, or investors.

Is this you? Awesome. Read on!

Each photoshoot is customized according to your most important personal and professional values. By working within the guidelines and goals that you create before our shoot, I hold space for you to be yourself so that you effectively attract the folks that you want to work with.

Authentic photography is a way to directly share your energy and mission with others. This gives them permission to choose the best way to communicate the essence of themselves or their brand.

Based on each subject's needs and comfort level, I offer whatever amount of direction they need in order to be authentically seen. I thoroughly enjoy the process of building trust with my subjects. Being present with them enriches my practice, and brings me the most fulfilment. 

IN SUMMARY: If you need photos and feel like we would vibe, give me a call!

Artist: Pat Anglin from Because of the Lotus

All photos of me were captured by Essence Photography

Here are a few examples of my wonderful clients doing amazing things!

Performance Troupe: Firefly Caravan

Small Business: Present Source

Nonprofit Organization: Center for Peace through Culture

Professional Photographer: Paradise Productions

Pilates Studio: Core Bodies

I work with a wide range of businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, studios, and just about any other occupation you can think of.

Do you feel called to explore our potential together? Let's see what's possible!