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As a traveling photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some beautiful areas of the world.
I’ve collected photos of my favorite places to share with you here in my Carefree Wonder Photo Gallery.

Here are some highlights! 


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Q: "What's the first step in learning more about your prices and availability?"

A: Easy! Send me an email or give me a call and I’ll be happy to share an overview of my services, provide you with an cost estimate, or schedule a full-length consultation.


Q: "Will you come to me for a photoshoot if it's not near the area you're in?"

A: Yes! Simply email me with your location and the service you're interested in, and we'll go over specific travel information ;)


Q: "How do I stay updated on your whereabouts, discounts, and new service offerings?"

A: Sign up for my email newsletter, Bloom! You can also follow me on social media… I'm on facebook and instagram


Q: "When I order a print or download a digital photo, will the watermark appear in the final product?"

A: No, there will be no watermark on purchased images for private use. 


Q: "What are digital downloads typically usually used for?"

A: Digital downloads make awfully nice desktop wallpaper!


Q: "What's a promo code and how does it work?"

A: When shopping online, a “promo code” is a coupon code consisting of letters and/or numbers that customers can enter to obtain a discount on their purchase. When I give you a promo code, all you need to do is type it in when asked at checkout, and you'll receive your discount!