Augusta's talent as a photographer, open heart, and creativity were key components in making our elopement feel special, and in helping us share it with family and friends after our return. 

I asked Augusta to capture what it felt like for us to be in nature as we got married, focusing less on typical close-up/stand-up presentational wedding photos, and more on a documentary style reflecting our surroundings.

She really captured what I wanted, and built upon it to more than I had originally been able to put into words. Her presence at our small ceremony never felt intrusive, even though it was such a private affair, and she was a fantastic officiant as well. The photos immediately bring us back to the magical calm feeling of being on Black Sands Beach in the fog, and our families were able to gain a sense of it as well--a sort of 'being there' without having any guests.

I truly believe that no other photographer could have pulled this off--from Augusta's flexibility as the day and location changed, to her grounded and adventurous spirit, to her open-mindedness and ability to listen to our concerns/discomfort with the staged formality of 'typical' wedding photography. Augusta literally "made" our wedding!