Marina’s Creature experience

(New Lebanon, NY)

“Augusta is pure magic - being photographed by her was a profound and treasured experience.

Before our session, she sat with me to connect and set intentions for our shoot. She was gentle, kind, and articulated her vision beautifully after a deep conversation where she sought to understand the emotional state I was in. She made me feel safe about expressing the inner story of sadness that I had been hiding from others.

The shoot transformed me - It moved me from tears at the beginning to joy and laughter at the end. I felt my truth come out through my poses because of how comfortable she made me feel. She was encouraging throughout the shoot.

She elicited light from my inner world and she captured me in gorgeous ways that stayed true to my story. The photos are lovely and powerful.

I could not be more in love with her photography and I’m so grateful for the gift of her attention and care in our session together.”